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The James Castle House is managed and staffed by the Boise City Department of Arts & History Cultural Sites program.

This program reflects Boise’s dedication to saving, reinventing and promoting historic properties unique to Boise’s history. Valuable historic buildings are saved and re-purposed, creating meaningful new opportunities for the community to collaborate and engage in physical spaces that are literally irreplaceable.

Boise City Department of Arts & History
Cultural Sites Manager 

Rachel Reichert is responsible for the Boise City Department of Arts & History's portfolio of historic properties and their associated programs.

With almost a decade of experience in cultural programming, hands-on preservation, and community engagement she brings a fresh and unique approach to managing historical and cultural sites.

Boise City Department of Arts & History
Cultural Sites Program Coordinator

Kristen Hill is responsible for ongoing exhibitions, the artist-in-residence program, and community projects at the James Castle House.

Her experience working as an artist, artist’s assistant, gallery assistant, and exhibition producer informs her multifaceted approach to bring arts and audiences together to create meaningful experiences.

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