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Creativity dwells between the floor joists, the wallpaper, and the ceiling boards. The space may be small and quiet, but between its walls are boundless sets of possibility.

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March, 2019

2020 Winter Residency: January 2 - April 3
2020 Summer Residency: May 15 - August 14

National emerging and mid-career artists are invited to apply for a 3-month residency at the historic James Castle House in Boise’s Collister Neighborhood. This residency is designed to provide time, space and contemplative allowance for participating artists. No direct connection to James Castle's work is necessary, though applicants are encouraged to take inspiration from the daily practice and legacy of the artist and the house as they create new works.

With easy access to Boise’s Downtown and the nearby foothills, artists will have the opportunity to explore the beauty and culture of Idaho’s capital city. Each residency cycle provides one artist with private furnished living quarters, studio access, and a $2,000.00 per month stipend to assist with living expenses and supplies necessary to the artist’s work. The artist pays for travel and shipping expenses, and is expected to participate in programs and workshops and engage with the community via collaborative projects or the exhibition of works created on site (to be negotiated upon arrival). A donation of an artwork or artifact related to the artist's stay will be expected upon the completion of the residency.

Resident artists will be offered the opportunity to work with individuals at the internationally renowned James Castle Collection and Archive to learn more about the Castle and his work and will gain exposure to a global audience of arts professionals through partnerships and affiliations of the James Castle House. Staff will coordinate events and gatherings to introduce the Artist-in-Residence to the community of skilled artists and arts professionals in the Boise area and help establish access to informational and material resources necessary for the creation of new work.

*Please note that this is a solo residency. The selected artist will have regular contact with staff at the James Castle House and members of the Boise public, but they will reside alone. Artists should be able to work alone and enjoy solitude.



July 18, 2018


August 24, 2018


2018 September 21 - October 1
2018 October 19 - October 29
2018 November 23 - December 3


Boise City invites emerging and mid-career artists to apply for a Micro Residency at the James Castle House. These condensed 10-day residencies are designed to provide time and space to encourage an immersive focus on a single project. The James Castle House is dedicated to continuing the legacy of creation and daily practice instilled by Castle's time on site, and encouraging community involvement through the arts. To this aim, we ask that each artist live and work on-site through the duration of the residency term, and host an Open Studio at the end of their stay to share their work with the Boise community.

Each residency cycle provides one artist with private furnished living quarters and studio space with access to a variety of tools on site. The James Castle House also provides a bicycle for easy access to Boise's Downtown and nearby foothills.  Resident artists will receive support through the promotion and marketing of their work and Open Studio, and be featured on the James Castle House website as an AiR alumni.

Interested applicants should submit a concise proposal outlining their project, related work samples, resume, and a brief statement explaining why this residency is right for the proposed project.


2018 Summer Residency: May 15 – August 14 
2019 Winter Residency: January 3 – April 4
2019 Summer Residency: May 15 – August 14 
2020 Winter Residency: January 2 - April 3
2020 Summer Residency: May 15 - August 14


The James Castle House Artist-in-Residence program is open to emerging and mid-career visual, literary, musical and performing artists. However, due to the property’s limitations and proximity to neighbors, this is not a place that can accommodate loud or especially messy processes.


Selections will be made by committee and based on the following:

  • Strength of proposal
  • Application and Resume
  • Quality of work samples
  • References


Open to artists living and working in the United States.
Applicants must be able to pass a thorough background check.

Applicants must be 18 or older.
The James Castle House does not discriminate in its programs and activities on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or disability.


Private living quarters
Private studio
ADA accessible


Gallery Exhibitions
General Store
Tours and Talks
Public Events
Public Open Hours: Thursday-Saturday 11am-6pm