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Exterior Profile SE (James Castle's Shed) 2020 by Kelly Packer

Butte, Montana

January 17 - 27, 2020

Kelly Packer is a mixed-media artist who lives in Butte, Montana. Her work is a combination of identifiable and unrecognizable forms that work together to provide the viewer with an image that integrates both the experience of things and the “things themselves” as Wallace Stevens would say. Packer's work pulls from a variety of sources, turning things inside-out, flattening, and exposing layers and memories that are both true and false. 

Packer received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Montana. She spent a decade in Boise, Idaho and was co-founder Enso Artspace, an artist collective and gallery space in Garden City, Idaho. She lives with her husband, the poet Adrian Kien, and young son. She often collaborates with her husband on books, exhibitions and bodies of work.