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The Two, A Horse, and a Flowering Tree (2022) by Maria Michurina

Redmond, WA

Feb 8 - April 19, 2023

Maria Michurina (she/her) is a mixed media artist with a passion for storytelling. Originally from Moscow, Russia, and currently lives and works in Redmond, Washington. Utilizing a wide range of media and found materials, Michurina's work explores daily experiences and the unexpected through quilting, collage, and painting. She strongly believes that color harmony and compositional balance are innate skills that we all are born with.

Michurina received a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics from Moscow State University. Her art education has been fueled by her brother, Leonid Michurin, along with Ken Kewley, Stuart Shils, Pat DeCaro, Dale Lindman, Victor Sandblom, Graham Nickson, and learning opportunities with the New York Studio School.

Her work has been featured in several group shows, including the International Quilt Festival, Cerulean Arts Gallery, and Blue Mountain Gallery. She is the recipient of various awards including 1st place at the PNWQ Quilt Show and the Seattle Co-Arts Scholarship Award.

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